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Frequently Asked Questions From Guests

Q:   How long do I need to be at the studio?
A:   Allow at least 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Q:   What time do I need to arrive?
A:   We need you to arrive 15 minutes before the show for sound checks. We start promptly on time since shows are live. (Guests arriving after we’re on-air will not be able to enter the studio however, can be re-booked on a future show.)

Q:   Will I be the only guest interviewed?
A:   There will most likely be other guests in the studio. Although the hour will be shared with other guests, they will not be imposing on your time.

Q:  What kinds of questions will I be asked?
A:  In great part, that’s up to the guest. Once we confirm the interview, we ask that you send us a brief list of six or eight questions / topics you’d like to discuss during the interview. We will make every effort to address these during the show. This helps ensure we meet your objectives for your appearance, and that you come away with a tool to provide maximum post-show viral marketing utility for you. Our shows are unscripted and dedicated to learning about each guest and their work.

Q:  Will there be any “surprise” questions?
A:   No, we are not 60 minutes, so no “gotcha” questions.  We are unabashedly Pro Business and ProLawyer!

Q:  Is there a cost to be on the show?
A:  No, we are considered “earned media” and show guests are by invitation only. We’re like PBS for business, commercial free and never charge guests to come on our show to tell their story.

Q:   Is the radio show live or recorded?
A:  The show is both live and recorded.

Q:   How do I listen to the show?
A:   To listen live:  Go to the show’s website on the day and time of the show. Press the “ON” button in the “LISTEN NOW!” box in the top right hand corner.

After the show:  You will receive a link to the website where your interview can be heard 24/7/365. You will also be able to download your interview.

You have our expressed permission to use the MP3 Audio File in any way you see fit to educate your market and promote your business – including editing to fit your marketing needs.

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